Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is Eman Academy?
Eman Academy is an online & on-demand platform that allows you to study Islamic Sciences in the comfort of your own home. Our interactive online services help students track their progress and share knowledge with each other.
What is included in a Eman Academy membership?
You will you have access of up to two pre-recorded modules at one time. LIVE classes from our Instructors covering contemporary issues. Forum to discuss with fellow students, staff and teachers any questions or advice. ‘My Qur’ān’ and ‘My Duas’ apps help one memorise Quran and daily Duas of the Prophet ﷺ
What membership options do Eman Academy offer?
Eman Academy have a monthly and yearly membership offer.  Our yearly membership is at a discounted rate. All memberships are set to auto-renew.
What will I be studying?
We have a selection of six sciences as well as supplementary short courses. You can get more information here.
Who are the Instructors?
We have specific qualified instructors for each course. Have a read of their background here.
Is Mufti Menk teaching?
Mufti Ismail Menk is the dean of Eman Academy and teaches the science of Hadith.
Where can I watch
With Eman Academy, you can learn anywhere and anytime. You can also watch your lessons on your smartphone, tablet and personal computer.
Are lessons pre-recorded or live?
Eman Academy courses are pre-recorded and provided on the dashboard for a study to gradually study. We have various sessions every month for students to experience live sessions with our instructors where questions can be directly asked and answered.
Are the courses accredited?
Our courses have been custom built with our audience in mind. They are an ideal first step for anyone wanting to begin their journey in seeking knowledge. Currently, our courses do not carry an accreditation. However, we hope to have this in the foreseeable future.
Is this course suitable for beginners?
Yes, Eman Academy courses start  for beginners as we will be covering the basics and fundamentals that every Muslims should know.
How long will it take me to complete my course?
All Eman Academy courses comprise of a number of units. Each unit has roughly 10 lessons and 4 tests. After completing a lesson we have a consolidation period of 3 days before the next lesson is unlocked.
Why is there a three day wait between lessons?
At Eman Academy we encourage students to consolidate their knowledge by revising and reflecting over lessons and notes. We also hope this will help instil an attitude of being patient when it comes to seeking knowledge. Also, as an academy we are always recording new lessons, the consolidation period allows us to keep up with demands of our students.
Is there a deadline to complete lessons/exams?
There are no deadlines for you to watch the lessons or complete the exams. You can study at your own pace up to 4 lessons per week.
Does Eman Academy teach Arabic?
At this stage we are unable to offer Arabic classes but this is something we’re looking to do in the future.

Fees / Costs

Do I have to pay in Pound Sterling (£)?
Eman Academy accepts payments in 135+ currencies. Our subscription fee will be converted and charged in the currency of the card you pay with.
Is it true Eman Academy is free for New Muslims?
Yes! We provide a year’s subscription to anyone who has reverted to Islam within the last 12 months. click here for more information.
I find the monthly subscription too costly, is there any concession?
Yes! We offer scholarships, click here for more information.

Questions About Your Account

Can I edit my account picture?
Yes, click on your account’s image on the top right, click account settings and you will then see the option to change your picture.
Can I edit the banner on my account?
Yes, click on your account’s image on the top right, click account settings and you will then see the option to change your banner.
How do I change my password?
Yes, click on your account’s image on the top right, click account settings and you will then see the option to change your password.
How do I reset my password?
To reset your password, click here.

Billing Questions

What are the subscription fees?
£6 per month or £60 for the whole year (saving £10). Prices include VAT
I do not wish to continue with Eman Academy anymore, can I cancel my subscription?
We’re sorry to hear this. To cancel your subscription, log into your account and go to the Billing page. On this page click on the “Cancel subscription” link and it will be cancelled. You can resubscribe at anytime.
Are there any alternative methods of paying other than with a credit or debit card?
Our current system caters for credit / debit cards from all over the world which is great! We are looking to integrate other payment systems onto our website in the near future. If you are still having troubles with making payment, e-mail us on [email protected]

Technical Questions

Can I download the Eman Academy videos?
We prohibit the downloading and third party usage of our videos.
The video will not load, what should I do?
All our content is compatible with most browsers. Please ensure your browser is up to date. If this does not work, please send us an e-mail on [email protected]

FAQ Not Listed Here? Contact Us

E-mail us on [email protected].